Mapex Set

A Trap Set, which is more commonly known as a drum set, is the main base of drumming. The set is used to play various songs, whether it is in a band or by yourself. Many people have videos of drumming on YouTube. Sets cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000+. Almost all drumsets have a snare drum, hi/mid tom, floor tom, bass drum, hi-hat, cymbal, and ride cymbal. More complicated sets may have 2wo floor toms, two bass drums, 2 hi and 2 mid toms several cymbals, a China (Inverted) cymbal, and a splash cymbal. Companies that make sets are TAMA, Pearl, Mapex, Yamaha, and Drum Workshop. Cymbals companies are Zildjian and Sabian. People who make drum heads are companies like Remo and Evans.