Drum Workshop, or more commonly referred to as DW Drums, is a drum company from California. It was originally a private lesson company. The first product created by them was a adjustable seat for a trap set. After so long, DW had sold so much that they said hardware would be their main focus. Soon, DW made larger factories like the one in Oxnard, California and a factory overseas known as Pacific Drums and Percussion. Most of Drum Workshop's drums are custom made and ordered by all the customers. They have many lines of Drums.

Drum ModelsEdit

Drum linesEdit

  • Collector's Series
  • Jazz Series
  • Classics
  • Eco-X Project
  • Performance Series

Specialty DrumsEdit

  • Cocktail Kit
  • Gong Drum
  • Woofer
  • Piccolo Drums
  • Rata Toms

Snare DrumsEdit

Collector's WoodEdit

  • Collector's Series
  • Solid Slave
  • Super Solid/Super Solid EDGE

Collector's MetalEdit

Collector's Metal comes in many different types of metal like steel, copper, brass, etc.

Collector's SpecialtyEdit

  • Acoustic EQ
  • Connoisseur "Snakes and Arrows"
  • Ballad

Other SnaresEdit

  • Classic
  • Jazz Series
  • Eco-X
  • Performance Series
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