Evans Drumheads is a company based in the United States famed for their drumheads.  Owned by D'Addario, whom also makes instrument strings and woodwind reeds, makes the heads. Along with Evans, D'Addario also owns Pro-Mark and Pure Sound Percussion. The newest innovation by Evans is known as Level 360, with the catchprase: "Technically a Drumhead, Technologically a Revolution".  Level 360 is known for balanced contact, three-hundred and sixty degrees around, making them easier to tune.  The heads also have a steeper collar, gripping the drum itself better. Level 360 heads also contain a roll-over hoop for stength and stability, along with a greater tuning range, no matter the drumhead.  Evans makes drumheads for bass drums, snare drums, tom-toms, marching, world, and concert percussion.  Listed below is the current list of products offered.


Bass DrumEdit

  • EMAD

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