Avedis Zildjian, or just Zildjian is a Turkish cymbal manufacturing company. Founded in the 17th century,

The Zildjian Logo.

Zildjian makes cymbals, drumsticks, and more. It was ran by Avedis Zildjian I, II, and III. After Avedis Zildjian III died, Robert and Armand Zildjian were in charge. However, Robert split to create the cymbal company Sabian. Zildjian has created a large line of cymbals.

Current Cymbal ProductsEdit

Sheet Bronze ProductsEdit

  • Planet Z
  • ZBT
  • ZXT
  • ZHT

Cast Iron ProductsEdit

  • FX
  • Z3
  • Avedis Zildjian (A Zildjian)
  • Armand Zildjian
  • A Custom

K ZildjianEdit

  • K Zildjian
  • K Zildjian Constantinople
  • K Custom
  • K Custom Hybrid

Discontinued Cymbal ProductsEdit

Sheet Bronze CymbalsEdit

  • Amir/Amir II
  • Impuse
  • Scimitar/Scimitar Bronze
  • Edge/Edge Plus
  • ZBT Pluse
  • ZXT Titanium
  • Pitch Black

Cast Bronze CymbalsEdit

  • Z Zildjian
  • Avedis Platinum
  • Z Custom



Zildjian Website

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